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Mythtaken is a 4 page rpg about a world where divinity is a zero sum game. Every time a god is renounced, that energy has to go somewhere, and new gods are formed. You play as those new gods.

The writing is really excellent. Everything is explained clearly, but the text is also super compelling whenever it dips into narrative. Storytelling here is a strength.

Which might be why the gameplay is also about storytelling.

The setup text implies a broader game in a bigger setting, but Mythtaken is just a game about telling stories to your friends, who can shuffle around tokens to force you to adapt on the fly. Everyone has a token, and you can hand tokens to other players to introduce complications. This makes for fun stories that never really get 'stuck', and it keeps players sharing the spotlight, but the game might stall a little if there's anyone who's really uncomfortable with storytelling or speaking up.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this to people who like telling stories. Secondarily, it's a neat warmup for roleplayers. And it's potentially also a whole campaign setting if you ignore the rules and just riff off of the opening premise. Grab a copy if you can. It's fun.


Thank you very much for your thoughts!